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Beauty Gurus vs. Makeup Artists

Hello readers!  I apologize for taking such a long break.  I have been really busy with some personal business.  I attended a fabulous Makeup Academy this year and received my diploma.  It was a lot of fun and a great investment.  I do hope that it opens some doors and new job opportunities.  I really enjoyed the course.  If you are a makeup lover, or you want to become a makeup artist I’d definitely recommend that you look into a course like this one.  That is,  if you want to work in the field as a professional makeup artist.

Taking this class is what made me realize the main difference between Makeup Gurus and Makeup Artists. Although I am older, I was also fooled to believe that Makeup Gurus are Makeup Artists for a long time.   Believe me there is a huge difference between the two.  Makeup Gurus on YouTube are basically there just to sell and show you the newest makeup products.  Some of them are good at their makeup skills, don’t get me wrong.  Some of them are actual makeup artists.  This is what made it confusing.  Although, being a makeup Guru doesn’t make one a makeup artist. I am not bashing Makeup Gurus. Rather giving more credit to makeup artists.  Makeup Artists are actual Artists in their field that know products, skincare, hygiene, etc…  along with the art of makeup.  These people are educated in makeup artistry.   Depending on their job they can sell products or they do not have to (if they work on TV, film, education, etc..).  Makeup Artistry has become a very popular field in the late years, mainly due to Makeup Gurus.  Although, becoming a Makeup Guru or Makeup Artist is not for everyone.  More and more women have become interested in this field of work in the past few years.  I definitely believe this is a talent that one either has or doesn’t have.  These skills can be taught, but the artistry and the vivid imagination that is needed that inspires each look are things that cannot be taught.

This is a passion that one must possess, which will show in the different makeup looks one creates.  If each time you make yourself or someone else up and you or they all look the same your career will not last long.  As with any field makeup evolves, if not quicker than other fields.  There are always new products, new colors, new looks.  As a makeup-artist one has to be up to speed with the hottest trends and newest products, colors and looks.  It is imperative that your Instagram page and website be updated with new pictures steadily. To show off your work.  You have to be able to show people what you can do and what you can offer them through your services.  Otherwise, how will they know it is you that they want to choose for their wedding, christening or prom as a professional makeup artist?

Here in Zagreb, there are many professional Makeup Artists.  What makes stand out?  Well, I have been writing about makeup for the past 3 years. I decided to take my website into a new direction.  That is why I deleted my previous articles.  I hope that my readers will understand this and support my decision.  I do not want to be a Makeup Guru. is a real website for real Makeup Artists and makeup lovers.  If you are a makeup artist or if you love makeup then this is the webpage for you.

Here you will find all the latest information on skincare, makeup products and makeup application.  I hope that you will love the new changes made to

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